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A series of internationally used numbers and codes exist for the identification of tyre structures, dimensions and main applications as well as the producer information.

This group of codes and numbers is collectively known as the "tyre markings" and permits a precise identification of the tyre.

The picture below gives an example of the tyre markings as they appear on a tyre.








Westlake is constantly striving to create the best solutions for each application.

WESTLAKE's commitment to you and to the environment ensures cost-effective quality tyres.






Westlke provides tyres with longer mileage, greater retreadability, more durability and less fuel consumption, in one word, more value, to fleets in Europe.
Given the extreme demands of today's transport industry, Westlake investment on continuous innovation in tyre technology is essential and helps the fleets who seek for tyre value and cost saving.



















Truck tyres for commercial vehicles must be properly inflated to a pressure based on the load, speed and conditions of use for maximum performance in all aspects such as even wear (long mileage), traction and handling stability (riding comfort) in addition to safety issues*.

* PRODUCT TECHNICAL DATA at page 23-24 Check WESTLAKE’s recommendations of of this catalogue.





Tyre pressures should be checked on cold tyres at every two weeks, using a calibrated pressure gauge.Tyres with lower profiles must be checked strictly due totheir less visible sidewall deflection.

WESTLAKE provides inflation pressure stickers (shownas the right) with several different values for certainapplications to help customers maintain proper pressures.
Please contact your WESTLAKE distributor for details






Every new WESTLAKE truck tyre product is designed and constructed for better retreadability.Please consult your WESTLAKE distributor for details.





Regrooving must be undertaken when only between 2 to 3 mm of the original tread pattern remains, in accordance withWESTLAKE's recommendations in this catalogue.







These tables indicate factors of tyre wear. If all factors are taken into consideration and applied correctly according to your vehicle and situation, it will result in best fuel efficiency and help for the protection of our environment.Please contact your WESTLAKE distributor for more details.

The proper inflation pressure is essential for the tyre performance for every application.WESTLAKE recommends frequent inflation checking. If necessary increase tyre inflation as per the recommendation of load and inflation PRODUCT TECHNICAL DATAor inflation stickers.







Tyre wear depends upon the load carried.
WESTLAKE recommends carrying the pay loads on correct axles and carry heavyload on drive axle position if applicable.


Rapid or frequent stop and acceleration traffic results in additional tread wear to tyres and reduce the tyre life.
WESTLAKE recommends mild steering & braking especially while turning or curving in daily use. Furthermore new products with special tread and enhanced sidewall will be developed for city operation with more frequent “stop and go” situation.







Tyre wear depends upon the load carried.
WESTLAKE recommends carrying the pay loads on correct axles and carry heavyload on drive axle position if applicable.


Trailer tyre wear is dependent on the side force of the axles of trailers.
WESTLAKE recommends proper tyre rotation when utilizing retreaded tyres